Polyurethane (PU) Injection

Polyurethane injection or grouting is a waterproofing method that involves injecting expanding polyurethane into voids or cracks, commonly found in concrete, to prevent water leakage. It is a highly effective technique in addressing water leakage problems, particularly when applied on the underside of the seepage area or lower floor ceiling where the leak is occurring. Vroof Waterproofing is a waterproofing company in Johor Bahru that offers polyurethane injection services and other waterproofing solutions.

Advantages of polyurethane (PU) injection

  1. Non-invasive repair techniques that don’t involve hacking
  2. Low noise pollution levels
  3. If performed accurately, there will be little to no dust
  4. Cost-effective (usually just a little of the cost of hacking methods)
  5. Quick and efficient (one toilet can often be fixed in a single day)
  6. 10 years or longer of life (when performed properly)

Process of polyurethane (PU) injection

  1. Drilling and inserting injection ports for polyurethane

To begin with, the professionals at Vroof Waterproofing will drill holes into the areas where leaks are present, typically in cracks or voids, and then insert and secure a metal injection port into the drilled hole.

  1. Protecting work areas

Furthermore, polyurethane injection is a minimally invasive repair technique that generally does not cause much disruption. Nonetheless, there could be some dust and spilling of the injected material during the process, which highlights the significance of using adequate protective measures such as plastic sheets and cloths.

  1. Using a grouting machine with high pressure

Next, the Vroof waterproofing expert will employ a grouting machine that operates at high pressure to force the polyurethane grout into the concrete through the injection ports. Each injection port must be treated twice to ensure proper coverage of the grout material.

  1. Injection ports for polyurethane removed and sealed

Once the polyurethane injection process is complete and the grout has dried, the Vroof waterproofing expert will remove all the injection ports. After this, it is crucial to use a waterproof cement compound to seal up the holes that were drilled for the injection process.

  1. Avert any seepage

Finally, perform multiple checks. Make sure there isn’t any seepage in the previously¬†damaged area.

Polyurethane (PU) injection Johor Bahru

Vroof Waterproofing in Johor Bahru offers cost-effective and dependable waterproofing solutions, including polyurethane injection. Visit our Facebook Page for more information on our past projects. If you are interested in our services, please leave a message here, and we will get in touch with you.

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